DBL Trade Registration

DBL or Domestic Builder Limited is suited for trades who are looking to take the next step in their career and create bigger and better opportunities for their trades business.

Victorian Legislation states that any building works over $10,000 requires a registration to enter into a building contract. This also continues on from recent Victorian Legislation announcements that all trades will require a mandatory registration from 2021 starting with carpentry.

Some of the DBL registration categories we’ve assisted with so far:

  • Carpentry
  • Bricklaying
  • Slabs and footings
  • Swimming Pools
  • Landscaping
  • Re-Stumping
  • Kitchen, Bathroom and Laundry renovation
  • Shade Structures
  • Waterproofing

To continue working legally and create more opportunities for you and your trades business a DBL is great place to start and is the first step on the pathway to becoming a DBU in future.

Commercial Registration

Our commercial training packages are ideal for applicants looking to achieve the following registration classes:

  • Non-Structural fit out
  • Structural fit out
  • Low rise buildings (max. 15m)
  • Medium Rise buildings (max. 25m)
  • Unlimited

The commercial package includes 6 one on one training sessions with one of our commercial trainers. 4 of the one on one sessions are module based to prepare you for the competencies you’ll be tested on: Legislation, Business, Codes & standards and Commercial construction technology. The remaining 2 sessions are used for interview preparation.

Private Training

Before attending your Victorian Builders Registration exams or final interview you may wish to book in a private training session to ensure you’re ready and feeling confident before your exam or interview date.

Our private training sessions go for 2 hours and during that time we can go through any specific areas you want to work on or do a mock interview scenario where we simulate a similar line of questioning you may see in your final interview.

We do prefer at least 2 weeks’ notice from any exam dates when booking a private session with us. This ensures enough time for you to implement any feedback given from the session for any areas to improve on before your exams.

If you’re hesitant about what’s required during an exam or interview then a private training session is an ideal preparation. Contact us to arrange a time and date or find out more information.

Group Training

Join Victorian Builders Registration group classes covering everything you need to know to get your Domestic Builder registration with the Victorian Building Authority.

Our classes are held weekly in Moorabbin and Essendon Fields. Because of our continuous training cycle throughout the year, covering 14 modules in 14 weeks for DBU or tailored modules for DBL and commercial, you can start at any time.

We also have an online training package if your currently living in regional areas, allowing you to study from home at your own pace whilst also receiving weekly support.

We don’t hold boring book-based theory classes. VBR classes are collaborative environments where you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals working towards the same common goal. We discuss situations and examples from real building sites and workplaces of our attendees.

The Victorian Builders Registration courses not only cover all aspects of the technical VBA registration process, but also equips you with the knowledge and skills to become a confident builder once you’ve obtained their licence.

Our trainers bring a wealth of knowledge in both on-site real-world experience and technical experience in the competencies of registration.
Class sizes are kept small to encourage individual participation. Each class goes for 3 hours and we encourage you to spend another 4-5 hours a week studying the material.

Our guarantee: You may attend as many classes as you need within your time spent with us, so you are free to repeat any module you may have missed or don’t feel fully confident about.