Before attending your Victorian Builders Registration exams or final interview you may wish to book in a private training session to ensure you’re ready and feeling confident before your exam or interview date.

Our private training sessions go for 2 hours and during that time we can go through any specific areas you want to work on or do a mock interview scenario where we simulate a similar line of questioning you may see in your final interview.

We do prefer at least 2 weeks’ notice from any exam dates when booking a private session with us. This ensures enough time for you to implement any feedback given from the session for any areas to improve on before your exams.

If you’re hesitant about what’s required during an exam or interview then a private training session is an ideal preparation. Contact us to arrange a time and date or find out more information.

What Our Students Say

I highly recommend giving the VBR team a call if you are serious about getting your Building licence.

I could not have gotten through the process without the help of the VBR team. The professionalism and high level of knowledge throughout, combined with a relaxed nature, makes you feel confident and at ease whilst going through the process.

The team goes above and beyond making every candidate their priority. From my first class I knew I was in good hands.

Chris Perry – DBU 65695

The team at VBR were an incredible help. They knew the application process top tobottom and helped me to prepare with in depth understanding of exactly what area

I needed to study. I don’t think gaining my DB-U would have gone half as smoothly without their help

Brett Way VW Building Projects CDBU – 67334

The team at Victorian Building Registration provide a great amount of experience and in depth knowledge, to help assist your development in becoming a licensed Builder.

The whole experience was well organised, managed and executed in a clear and comprehensive format.

With their assistance from getting my portfolio ready, to the one on ones before my final exam. VBR’s team were exceptional and ready to help.

I highly recommend Victorian Building Registration if you are looking to pass your builders exams.


Josh Vendramini VW Building Projects CDBU – 67334

The team at VBR were great at helping me get my DBL-C.

They are extremely knowledgeable and have a huge amount of building experience so they understand every aspect of a build including what goes on behind the scenes.

Sharing this knowledge with me has given me confidence to further my own career beyond small scale work.

The whole process went really well and I highly recommend.

James Cigonini – JC Southern Carpentry DBL-C 67540

Between finishing my diploma of building and construction and applying for my builders license I contacted VBR for one on one sessions.

They quickly worked out my strong and weak points and from there tailored our sessions to my needs.

VBR made it clear from the beginning that I was a priority. Professional, warm and relaxed i can’t recommend them more

Sam Bazy – Moss Builders DBU 66992

Each module is done weekly in class which I found a great way to learn, and then also a great resource to reviseonce I have my interview date booked in.

A lot of the info we learned was relevant in my interview and also mock interviews were done during our sessions which was a good way to become more comfortable leading up to the real thing.

I would say I would have really struggled without seeing VBR and would highly recommend them to anyone looking to get their license.’

Nick Healey DBU 68090